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September 11, 2022


A quick change of plan this morning.  It became  clear that there was noway we would be able to buy an Argentinian sim card today so we booked a night in an apartment in Posadas so that we could sort it out in the morning.

At ten o'clock we checked out and cycled down to the train station to catch the train across the Parana River to Argentina.  It turned out that the train doesn't run on Sundays so we had to try our luck at crossing the bridge reserved for motor vehicles.  The official who stamped us out of Paraguay said we should just wait next to the immigration office and bus would eventually arrive to take us across the bridge, which it did about an hour or so later.  The bus ride was incredibly slow because the bus was at the back of a queue of hundreds of vehicles that needed to be processed by immigration on the Argentinian side.  We eventually made it to our digs about two hours after we had told our host that we would arrive.

Waiting for the bus at immigration.
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On the bus.
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Argentina's wealth in relation to Paraguay is immediately obvious with first world quality roads and pedestrian areas.  We had an excellent cycle path for much of the short ride.

Dramatic statue on the Posada waterfront.
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First task tomorrow is to find a cellphone shop to sort out a data sim.  After that we will hopefully be able to change our remaining Paraguyan Guarani into Argentinian Pesos.  Then our three month slog across the centre of Argentina can finally start.

Today's ride: 8 km (5 miles)
Total: 364 km (226 miles)

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