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November 2, 2022


Last night Leigh  asked me how far we have traveled since leaving Cuidad del Este.  It turns out that we have done over three thousand kilometers since then over the past sixty days. A few day's  rest is something we both need but it will have to wait until the environment is suitable - somewhere reasonably attractive and comfortable that is affordable.  In the meantime we will try and keep the daily distances as short as is practical. 

With us both feeling knackered yesterday we didn't get to spend any time at the Rio Neuquén. It is quite pretty and we did ourselves a disservice by not making the effort. The best we achieved was a brief look at it near the bridge this morning.
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After yesterday's disaster with the fuel pump the most important thing we had to do today was to get to a camping store in Neuquén.  The city is just over thirty kilometers away from where we have been camping but the ride to get there was an awful experience.  We had taken our time getting started this morning and it was after ten o'clock before we got going.  The only option was the very busy RP7 (currently under reconstruction) and we only managed to escape from it a few kilometers from our destination which was the closest camping store, Montagne Patagonia near the center of  Neuquén.

Once I had bought a couple of gas canisters the next decision was where to spend the night.  Leigh said that any good humour that she had when she woke up this morning had been sucked out of her by the ordeal on the RP7 so we resorted to to find the closest cheap hotel.

We have booked into the Huemel Hotel right in the center of Neuquén after we got a cut price last minute deal on  Ironically, there are two camping stores within fifty meters of the hotel.

Tomorrow is another day and we have to negociate the potentially unpleasant RN22 until Arroyita before there is any hope of the roads getting any quieter again.

Today's ride: 34 km (21 miles)
Total: 3,056 km (1,898 miles)

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