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November 3, 2022


Last night we went to sleep having no idea what our plans for today would be.   But by the time we were ready for breakfast this morning we had decided that we should only go as as Senillosa where there was a campsite giving us an easy day of about thirty six kilometers. 

Breakfast at the Huemel Hotel was a step above the usual Argentinian offerings.  Usually one has to be happy with two media lunas and a cup of coffee.  Today there were seemingly unlimited media lunas, both white and whole-wheat bread to toast as well as two different breakfast cereals.   Add to this three different yogurts, orange juice and some unusually good coffee.  Not being in a hurry, we took our time and made the most of it. 

We had planned to use the cycle path that runs along the disused train line to get us out of town but Ricardo, the very helpful hotel manager,  suggested we have a look at the service road alongside RN22 before we make up our minds.  And a good suggestion it was too.  After getting a bit lost when the service road came to an end we eventually we had to join the dual carriageway RN22 but it had a very good hard shoulder about two meters wide.  So while it was pretty boring cycling it was completely stress free. 

Just outside Senillosa we stopped to buy some  cherries and strawberries and made our way to the town's plaza to enjoy them for first lunch.

First lunch.
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Then we cycled the couple of kilometers to the campsite only to find it locked up and no sign of life at all.  The easterly wind was starting to pick up and camping would be rather unpleasant so we decided to head back to Senillosa and rejoin the RN22 to head to the next town.   With the wind behind us we were soon in Arroyita and we stopped at the local YPF's restaurant to enjoy a few empenades for second lunch.   

The three star hotel next door to the YPF was too expensive and rather tired looking but the lady there directed us to a simple hospedaje a few hundred meters further on.  It's overpriced for what it offers but that is so often the case in these little villages.  It has a bar and simple restaurant attached and much to my surprise   the restaurant will be open from seven o'clock tonight.  So we will be able to have our evening meal here too.  Most restaurants in Argentina only open at eight thirty and often even later, much too late for cycle  tourists who are keen to get to bed early.  I had a big steak for supper,  something  I had been craving for some time.  So despite the fact that we were charged  gringo prices I was still happy to pay.

The hospedaje and its restaurant is called El Quincho. A quincho is a building or enclosure where meat is cooked on an open fire so it was the right place to order a big steak.
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The wind got pretty ugly as the afternoon wore on (currently gusting well over sixty kilometers an hour accordingto so it was the best decision to give up on the idea of camping for the night.

Today's ride: 58 km (36 miles)
Total: 3,114 km (1,934 miles)

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