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October 8, 2022

Alta Gracia

A good few things weren't that good today but one great event tilted the scale onto the positive side.

The first challenge was getting out of Cordoba.  This was complicated by the fact that only after we had ridden a few kilometers did we realise that our Argentinian SIM card needed to be recharged.  This meant we were stuck with Maps.Me for navigation, not the best app on which to rely.

The second challenge was the route.  The most direct road to Alta Garcia was a four lane highway with wall to wall traffic and no shoulder for almost the whole way.

The third challenge was the wind.  Forecast to be thirty kilometers an hour to the south, it was a lot stronger for the second half of the morning.  Combined with the traffic it meant we spent most of the way bumping along on rough tracks next to the highway because the wind made it too dangerous to cycle on the edge of the highway. We were reduced to walking the bicycles at times because it was impossible to to stay upright in the wind.

Eventually we were able to get back onto the bicycles and we made it into Alta Gracia at about two o'clock. We headed straight to the Che Guevara Museum. Although Che was born in Rosario his family moved to Alta Gracia when he was a young boy in the hope that the dry climate would help control the bad asthma from which he suffered.

The bicycles in front of Che's childhood home.
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A statue of Ernesto "Che" Guevara as a young boy.
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Che's boyhood bedroom.
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Before his well known motor cycle trip, he "cycled" four thousand kilometers through Argentina on this motorized bicycle. It was on this journey that his indignation at the wealth gap that existed in South America was first kindled.
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His route.
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A replica of the motorcycle from the diaries.
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Then we set off to find accommodation for the night.  It turned out there is some big event in town this weekend and enquiries suggested that all available accommodation had already been taken.  Do we headed to campsite a few kilometers out of town this letting ourselves down on to fronts.  Firstly by camping in Argentina on a weekend (it is guaranteed not to be quiet tonight) and secondly by paying for camping in Argentina.

Despite all the less than perfect aspects of today, the museum has made it a good one.

Today's ride: 51 km (32 miles)
Total: 1,868 km (1,160 miles)

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