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September 9, 2021

Two Thumbs Up

Another great day of riding.  Today's ride was the Cardinal Greenway Trail from Gaston to Richmond.  It is hard to believe that today would parallel yesterday...but it did.  A little cool this morning at 56 but warmed to high 70's by end of the ride. 

Great trail signs at each trailhead.
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The Cardinal Greenway is Indiana's long rail trail at 62 miles.  Unfortunately, it is a bit disjointed.   A 10 mile stretch begins in Marion ending in Gas City.  This is followed by a 15 mile road ride before connecting with the final 52 miles in Gaston.  I struggled with beginning in Marion and doing the entire 77 miles but the more I read the less attractive the road ride sounded.  At breakfast I decided to focus on the 52 mile section from Gaston to Richmond.   Driving to Gaston my decision was confirmed.  The road ride section was on narrow country roads with absolutely no shoulder of any kind.  So glad I skipped this section.

Starting in Gaston, it was a repeat of yesterday's ride.  Great riding surface in what, at times, felt like an endless shaded green tunnel.

What you see is what you get.
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Lots of streams and rivers along the trail.
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Every trail has its own approach to mileage markers.  I have to say the Cardinal Greenway has raised the bar.  Each half mile there is a carved stone marking the distance.  The mileage represents the distance from Cincinnati where the rail line originated.

Pretty unique and each stone is different.
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I was also impressed by each of the trail heads along this 52 mile route.  All had benches or tables but some went a step further providing a full blown shelter.  A real comfort when the temps are through the roof or rain is dampening the fun.

Great spot to take a quick break.
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There were some breaks in the canopy and I wanted to take this pic since it highlights the prevalence of wind turbines I have seen throughout this trip.  Additionally, this shot shows the wonderful cumulus clouds that were present all day.

Look at that sky.
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I have been very impressed with the two trails I've been privileged to ride in Indiana.  They have done an outstanding job.  Based on this experience I need to do some further research to see what additional trails Indiana has to offer.

In the final 10 miles of today's ride I finally spotted the elusive trail namesake...cardinals.  Unfortunately, no pictures.

Similar to yesterday, Laura rode out from the trail end in Richmond and we were able to ride the final 7 miles together.

We packed our bikes in the truck and headed for our next stop, Waynesville, OH where tomorrow's ride awaits.

Today's ride: 52 miles (84 km)
Total: 442 miles (711 km)

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