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August 8, 2021

What Is 12X26?

My most recent bike adventure occurred in 2018 when I did a solo supported ride (more on this later)  across Missouri on the Katy Trail, across Ohio on the Ohio to Erie Trail and the GAP and C&O Canal from Pittsburgh to DC.  No sooner had I completed that 900+ mile ride when I started planning the next adventure.  As you can see, my 2018 trip, referred to as the "Trifecta",  ended on the banks of the Potomac in DC in the rain around the corner from the Watergate.

Long wet ride the finish the C&O Canal
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I decided to begin the next adventure a bit further west and selected the Micklelson Trail in western South Dakota.  The next step was to figure out how I could play rail trial hopscotch while working my way home to NH.  The "12" refers to the number of states I will pass through and "26" the number of trails I plan to ride.

Hopscotch?  I am blessed with a amazing spouse who has supported my crazy adventures.  Easy to hopscotch when Laura is dropping you off in the morning and meeting you at the end to the day!   

I had planned this trip for 2019 but a multiday backcountry ski adventure produced a rotator cuff injury that need to be addressed.  While rehabbing I was looking forward to riding in 2020 until the pandemic was in full swing.   Now fully vaccinated, we will be heading out on August 10th with a goal to start riding on the 18th.  Want to take advantage of some sightseeing opportunities in S. Dakota before heading out on the Mick.

I hope to post every day I ride and hope you will join me on this adventure.  To create a bit of mystery, you will need to check back to see what states and trails will be part of my ride.

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