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Happy New Year

Mike Ayling

A happy new year to all and a happy birthday on Jan 1 to little Juniper Rose Arnim.

We look forward to reading all your 2020 journals and Mary and Mike hope to get in a short tour this year if we can find a part of Victoria that has not been subjected to bushfires.

We didn't we tour in 2019?

At the end of March on the Sunday when daylight saving ceased Mikewas returning from a long ride with 80km on the computer with his head down as the sun was low in the skywhen he failed to see a trailer parked on the edge of the road in abike lane, in a dead end street which he had just turned into afterleaving a series of parks/open spaces which run for kms. He swervedbut managed to hit his left knee on the offending trailer (thetrailer was a very high model). The Ambos were summoned and advisedthat no bones were broken nor any bang to the head could be seen onhis bike helmet, and Mary was called to take him home. Although therewere no broken bones almost every muscle in the leg was strained andeven now there are still some residual twinges from time to time. Thebig problem however was that he was off the bike for about six weeksand lost a lot of fitness which is still proving difficult to regain.Normal age related muscle loss is not helping either.

Anyway lots of cycling is scheduled for 2020 but not on 40C days!

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4 months ago
John PescatoreTo Mike Ayling

Happy New Year and wishes for a fast recovery!

Here in the Washington DC area, your 40C temps have equated to 20C on Dec 29th and letting me get in a 100km ride this past weekend. I'd rather have less climate change and more down time in December, but it was a great ride!

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4 months ago
Steve Miller/GrampiesTo Mike Ayling

Happy New Year, in about 4.5 hours, from 

here on the West Coast of Canada.  Wishing everyone a joy filled, peaceful and cycle busy year ahead.

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4 months ago