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Creative baggage ideas? (page 5)

Keith AdamsTo Robyn Richards

Recognizing that the original question was asked a couple years ago, and that the thread has shifted somewhat from the initial topic... but I have an idea that I didn't see in the thread so what the heck.

As a SCUBA diver I'm quite partial to using mesh gear bags for carrying clothing and whatnot.  They've quite light, very strong, completely re-usable, and can serve as a laundry or shopping bag when not in use as airline luggage.  They fold down very small, are squishable so there's never a question of exceeding carry-on size limits, and some even include "backpack" style straps so you don't have to keep your hands full.  And they can be quite inexpensive.

Here's an example of what's out there.  (Note: I found this site in a web search; I have no affiliation with this particular vendor, not even as a customer.)

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3 weeks ago
Robyn RichardsTo Keith Adams

Keith, thanks for this link. It's a useful idea, however I have gone for a slightly sturdier but foldable duffle bag, along with a lightweight nylon backpack for cabin bag . Both will pack down small enough to carry on the bike while touring.

As you say, I first asked the question a couple of years ago. Thanks to the pandemic,  the new bags are languishing unused in the cupboard while our bikes are languishing on the other side of the world!

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3 weeks ago