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I know some or most will think this isn't cycle related but I am posting it (page 2)

Jerry RobersonTo Gregory Garceau

Gregory, each his own, but I actually prefer the weight lifting. It might be that I have found something that I am very good at. I am the only person in the history of powerlifting at age 70 and above that has ever squatted over 400 pounds. Hopefully next year I can squat 200 kg or 440 pounds, almost 441 pounds, 440.92. Maybe deadlift 501 pounds! 

I can't tour and ride anymore where there is isolation and very far from a trauma center. Such as out west in the desert and other places where towns and hospitals are scarce. I think that has lead to a decrease in fun riding for me. Riding in metro areas and heavy traffic just isn't very fun. Most of my riding now is training to break records at the World Human Speed Challenge at Battle Mountain, NV. 


The rest of my riding is short tours close to my home. 

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10 months ago
Graham SmithTo Jerry Roberson

Jerry another point you are making well is that cycle-touring styles can, and should be, adjusted according to changing preferences and health. Clearly the risks of remote area tours are higher for anyone with an underlying cardio condition. The good thing is you are aware of yours. I bet a few people my age are gormlessly cycling around with a hidden cardio time bomb. 

I’ve done my share of hard, long, remote expedition cycle tours. Nowadays I’d prefer a few more home comforts on tours. Indeed I think the rigours of long distance tours in remote areas, especially arid zones, aren’t conducive to good health at any age. Good food, adequate water and sound sleep are a good trio to aim for on tour. 

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10 months ago
Jerry RobersonTo Graham Smith

You are absolutely right Graham. Several years ago I was doing a tour on the Route-66 from Allenton, MO, 6 Flags, to OK. I met a couple of guys in their 80's somewhere around Waynesville, MO. One guy had had a heart attack a few months earlier and the other guy wasn't a real cyclist, he was just along in case his buddy had troubles. And troubles he had! MO doesn't have big tall mountains but it sure has a lot of short and steep climbs. 

The one guy who had heart trouble killed over trying to climb a steep hill in the 95+ heat. He just collapsed and lucky for him an off duty nurse came by and saw what had happened. She resuscitated the guy and called 911. I learned a couple of years later the same old guy was trying the Southern Tier and the same thing happened again. He had another heart attack and had to be air lifted. 

Sure I would love to do some long tours again but I know my limitations. At a Powerlifting meet you are in a city and close to a trauma center. Plus they usually have a nurse on the staff. With my heart condition 10-15 minutes is all the time I have before it might be too late. 

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10 months ago