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What's your favorite journal? (that you've written) (page 2)

Mark BinghamTo John Pickett

That's my favorite title, too, and I love the Western themes: A Fistful of Advil, For a Few Advils Less, and The Gut, the Bent, and the Ugly! Thanks!

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2 weeks ago
John SaxbyTo Mark Bingham

Thanks for starting this thread, Mark, I've enjoyed it.  Took me a while to sort out my own reply to your question, a large self-repair & maintenance project having pre-empted everything else for the past few weeks.

Briefly, though, my favourite amongst my journals is the most recent, completed in the autumn of 2021, "A great blue heron, a butterfly, and a bear", here: https://www.cycleblaze.com/jou...

This is more of a memoir than a journal, my reflections on a landscape that I know quite well, and the communities that are part of it; but also a tribute to dear friends I've known for half a century.  And, making my mini-tour after a year and a half of the pandemic, I felt as if I was on my bike for the first time in years.   The landscape my route traversed is part of the landscape in which I came to adulthood, the terrain between Lake Ontario/the St Lawrence and the edge of the Canadian Shield.  I came to this region as a youngster in the mid-1950s, part of a family of immigrants (or latter-day settlers, if you will), and my years growing up in it very much shaped how I see and feel about Canada.

This story of a short cycle-tour is thus closer to me, then, than (for example) my two journals of longer tours, my rides from Amsterdam to Vienna  in 2012, and through the Rockies and Cascadia to the western ocean in 2016.  For me, those were journeys of discovery, especially of the delights of seeing new(-ish) landscapes and cultures on two wheels.

Cheers, John

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2 days ago
Mark BinghamTo John Saxby

Thanks, John!  It sounds lovely, and I‘m looking forward to reading it.

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1 day ago