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Steering lock or "handbrake" (page 2)

Jon AylingTo Jon Ayling

OK, I've now got around to cutting another inch and a bit off my kickstand legs  - I bought the 320mm recommended for 700C bikes, but that was way too long so cut off a full 5 cm. Even then the wheel was a full 6cm off the ground!

Now wheel is suspended only a centimeter or so, and the whole thing is much more stable, especially with panniers on. Still worth binding the brake/wheel for extra sturdiness!

Now I just need to get hold of some rubber feet...

Very amateur metalwork
That's better
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1 year ago
John SaxbyTo Jon Ayling

Jon, we may have been here before, and if so, my apologies.

Here are a couple of inexpensive solutions:

Bike Brake sells colourful, inexpensive & effective elastic bands for locking brake levers, here:

I use the Brake Bands when touring, but this 6" QR rubber tie also serves to control wheel flop -- simply wrap it around downtube and rim:

6" QR tie, SAK for size reference

The QR ties cost about 25¢ each, and come in 4" - 6" - 8" - 12" sizes.  I bought a bunch years ago. They're extremely durable.  I use them for all sorts of things around the house, camping, etc.  Can't imagine how I managed life without them.  The 4" ones work as a backup for locking brake levers, too.  They're not so easy to find in smallish quantities as they used to be.  Gardening-supply stores may have them--they're used a lot in vineyards.

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1 year ago
Jacquie GaudetTo Keith Adams

The other limitation, and the one that prevented me from buying one back in the day, is that it isn't compatible with fenders.  I never got around to seeing if it would be long enough on the Miyata tourer I had then, but I suspect not.

Editing now that I've read the rest of the posts and see I'm not the first to mention this.

I use the brake band that came with my Clickstand on one bike and a copy on my other bike.  I made one for Al too.  Very simple and long-lasting.

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1 year ago
Timothy DaleTo Jon Ayling

I have used a simple solution on several bikes.  I drill a small hole in the brake lever near the cable stop.  Squeeze the lever to visualize a place for drilling while engaging the brake lever.  To use this a leg of a cotter pin will slide into the hole and keep the brake engaged.  The cotter pin can be attached near the lever on a thin bungee.  If you use a bungee, the pin will disengage when the lever is squeeze and you can be on your way.

Squeeze the brake until it is well engaged and drill a small hole in the triangle near the cable end.
Trim one leg off of a cotter pin. Mine is attached with a thin bungee and held in place with heat shrink tubing.
Insert cotter pin leg into the hole while engaging brake.
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1 year ago
Keith AdamsTo Timothy Dale

Very clever!

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1 year ago
Jon AylingTo Timothy Dale

This is a great idea, thanks Timothy!

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1 year ago