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French train tickets for Canadians

Jacquie Gaudet

I'm ticked!  I've been trying to purchase tickets from Paris CDG to Bordeaux on the TGV (or any train, but only TGV leaves from the airport area).  I've tried Trainline and Ouigo, but it seems Canadian credit cards are not accepted, nor is Paypal.  It's my understanding that you need a reservation to travel on TGV, but how to get one if you are Canadian and not in France?

I looked at but for some reason they do not have tickets for the same train I want (the least expensive at 104 Euros for 2) and only offer tickets on later trains for twice the price.  I didn't get far enough to see if Canadian credit cards work.

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2 weeks ago
Susan CarpenterTo Jacquie Gaudet

Jacquie - not sure if I can be of help, except to commiserate.  From your previous posts, I think your bikes will be boxed and considered luggage.  If so, it is not as critical that you make your reservation well in advance, as is necessary to book the few, if any, spaces for assembled bikes.  You should be able book your ticket/seat when you arrive - there are both TGV/SNCF ticket kiosks and an office in the CDG  airport.  I don't know why your credit card doesn't work - you might check to make sure the credit card company will accept international charges.  I know my US bank is very quick to deny charges if I don't inform them of my international plans.  Finally, my experience has been that booking through Rail Europe gives fewer options for trains and costs more than booking through the national rail sites.  

Good luck and enjoy your trip - I look forward to following your adventures.

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1 week ago
Jacquie GaudetTo Susan Carpenter

I missed out on bike tickets because I wasn’t quick enough, I think. That doesn’t irk nearly so much as not having a credit card issued in one of the approved countries on OUIGO’s website. Most (all?) European countries are listed, as is the US, but not Canada. 

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1 week ago