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Reversed Mileage Counter

George Hall

I just noticed something interesting, a bit of a "quirk" with how the website mileage counter operates.  Not a huge issue, just something to be aware of.  If you post your most recent day at the beginning of the journal so that it is on top of the list, then the mileage counter increments the total "backwards" as it were.  In other words, if your Day 1 entry is at the bottom of your journal and your day 50 entry is the latest entry and is on top, then Day 50 will show your total mileage as being only what you rode that day and the total mileage you have rode will show up in the Day 1 entry at the bottom of the list. 

For an example, see Ian Gordon's transam journal;  Powered By The Pedals.  If you write your journal like a book with Day 1 being on top and the last day being on the  bottom, the mileage will increment properly and show the cumulative mileage at the end of each day.  But if you do it like a blog entry so that your readers can more easily click on the latest day, then your total mileage will only be shown as the mileage for that particular day.  

I journal in the "book" style so it isn't an issue for me - but for those who journal like a blog, now you know.    Perhaps a future website improvement might be to allow a checkbox setting for a "book" or "blog" style mileage incrementer?  

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3 weeks ago
Keith AdamsTo George Hall

I noticed the same thing partway through my trip this summer.  My solution was to continue posting the newest items near the top and ignore the mileage counter.

When I got home, where it was far easier to reorganize things on my desktop computer, I put the pages in chronological order instead of the reverse chron / blog style I'd been using for convenience while on the road.

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3 weeks ago