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Strava embed code issue

Anne Mathers

I am preparing to start another blog and it's been a while since the last one in 2019. I hope someone has an answer for this. When I paste the embed code from Strava (free account) into Cycleblaze using the world icon in the edit menu it's not displaying the ride map in my joirnal entry, which is not yet published.

Are there any parameters I should check? I am using the same ipad as before. I have tried re-starting the ipad, I have used new and old rides (previously uploaded), my ipad is running the latest ios. Hmmm... what else?

What's different is that I used RWGPS last time, so I will try that now.

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1 week ago
Jeff LeeTo Anne Mathers

The paragraph in your screenshot that begins with "Sorry, this one stays red", is being generated by Strava. So you did successfully paste *something* from Strava into your journal - enough that it called out to the Strava server which then created that error message.

The error message implies to me that either the embed code you copied from Strava is incomplete or malformed, OR that the Strava activity you attempted to embed is marked private (which would maybe explain the "page you're looking for doesn't exist.") Is it possible the Strava event is marked private?


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1 week ago
Anne MathersTo Jeff Lee

Thanks for your speedy reply, Jeff. I changed the privacy setting to Everyone, but it didn't post the map. I tried the RWGPS embed code and it worked first try. So, RWGPS it is.



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1 week ago