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Bike tourer’s Mecca (page 2)

George HallTo Keith Klein

Within the continental U.S., I've always felt like the Pacific Northwest area was bicycling paradise.  This is one of the more educated areas of the country, and folks there seem to appreciate cycling more.  Perhaps it's because I compare it to the areas of the country where I have lived - Arkansas and Oklahoma are NOT bicycling paradise, though you can find some decent cycling if you are careful.   I've crossed the country on the Transam and the Northern Tier routes now, and each time I felt like the best cycling was in the pacific northwest.

A close second for me (sticking within the U.S.) would be the Wisconsin-Minnesota region.  The outstanding paved trails I rode in Minnesota make me want to go back and ride some more.  Both of these states have made some real effort to construct cycling infrastructure.

I have little experience outside of the U.S.  However, I have ridden part of the Eurovelo 6 route along the Rhine River and in the Mainz-Wiesbaden area of Germany, and from that limited exposure I certainly would agree with Keith Klein that this would also qualify as a bicycling holy land.   You can cycle most anywhere with relative ease, you can hop a train and roll your bike onboard, and really great beer is cheaper than bottled water - this certainly qualifies as a cycling paradise!  

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