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Eco Caring on the Road? (page 2)

Steve Miller/GrampiesTo Mike Ayling

Singapore - penalties, yes that is one way to go. It's a sad fact of human nature that unless they feel either pain, or some reward, people will often not do the right thing. Especially if you are poor, why waste any time or effort properly disposing of garbage? In Mexico we were very sad to see this played out. The scene below is typical, and is all along most rural roads:

We were thinking that it might not take all that much money to put  a bounty on plastic - paying people to carry it in. Then poverty would create a clean up rather than a mess.

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4 weeks ago
Andrea BrownTo Steve Miller/Grampies

Steve, this “bounty” has worked well with bottle bills in several American states for decades. The deposit on beverage bottles in Oregon is now ten cents apiece, and you would be hard put to see an empty just lying around in public.

As far as trash in the developing world, often there simply is no place for people to take it that they can afford. In good-sized towns there is trash pickup but out in rural areas there often none. I am old enough to remember when litter bags were provided free in cars and more people stopped tossing their garbage out the window. That ethic seems to have dissipated somewhat here in Portland, we see trash everywhere these days, really disappointing and unattractive.

We were told in Laos that years ago, everything was wrapped up in banana leaves, which were tossed on the ground afterward and eaten by animals or turned into soil. It kind of makes sense that somebody with little to no education would not understand that the little plastic bags do not go away for hundreds of years and just continue the habit. 

In any case, I like this discussion and hope it continues. Thanks, everyone.

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4 weeks ago
Mike AylingTo Andrea Brown

South Australia has had a bottle deposit scheme for about forty years and some of the other states are now considering similar schemes.

As for litter in some third world areas if there is no local authority raising rates there will be no rubbish removal. The original   basis function of local authorities were to raise rates and provide roads and rubbish removal.

Mike (who is indoors today with the temperature of 35C at 10AM looking at a high of 44C. In American counting 37C is just over 100F) 

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4 weeks ago