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N. Tier vs. Transam (page 2)

George HallTo George Hall

Folks - we have a winner!  With less than a month till leaving, the plans have changed and I will be riding the Northern Tier!   My riding partners and I had a complete itinerary for our planned Transam ride, we had transportation arranged to Yorktown - the point is that we actually had a plan.  Now, with this last-minute change, we have no plan at all other than we will start at Bar Harbor and ride towards the sunset until we reach the other ocean.  I had just ordered a new set of the Transam maps, now I'll need to order a set of the Northern Tier maps.  We don't know how we are getting to the start - and it appears that another COVID surge is coming, so we don't want to fly (yes, we have had the vaccine, but... variants and all that).   We are committed to a time table for the start, and we haven't done any research on the weather - we are really clueless, and frankly that just makes me more excited!  I knew what we were getting into with the Transam since I have ridden it before, and I don't have a clue about the Northern Tier other than what you folks have told me.   Excited, concerned, happy, worried - a ton of things I need to do now - so I think this was the right decision!  Right or "wrong" (there's no wrong decision when it comes to picking a bike tour), it's all the same now, cause now it's getting real.  Best wishes to all who replied and helped me decide,


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2 weeks ago