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Why did you decide to post here? (page 4)

Karen CookTo Bruce Lellman

HI Everyone,

I would like to suggest that we keep our discussions about all things cycling and not compare this site to other sites.  There is no need to stir up controversy.

Lets just enjoy the site and have fun riding.

I for one am happily planning a trip for next summer, after having to take a couple of summers off from a major trip.

Peace on and rubber side down.


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1 month ago
Mike AylingTo Karen Cook

I don't disagree, Karen and I look forward to your next journal.

Maybe the Mods should lock this thread?


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4 weeks ago
Tricia GrahamTo Joel Emo

Joel there are a number of reasons I post here. The most important  relates to the rules for posting on this forum - this website is inclusive, respectful and its focus is cycle touring.  Also I am one of those unmentionables who now rides an ebike so would no longer be acceptable elsewhere!!

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4 weeks ago