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From Indian Country part two, 2018 by Wayne Estes

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Wayne Estes replied to a comment by Kelly Iniguez on Day 12: Mexican Hat to Bluff

Google search shows The Dinosaur Museum in Blanding. That's probably what you saw.

1 year ago
Wayne Estes commented on Day 12: Mexican Hat to Bluff

No I don't remember a dinosaur exhibit in Bluff. The Desert Rose must be the super fancy place on the west side of town. It looks like it has great views. I figured it was $200+ per night.
Sad to hear that the steakhouse is closed, along with the motel where I stayed. For motorized tourists, Bluff is just one stop on a day trip from Monument Valley to Blanding, and not as interesting as the Goosenecks or the ruins at Hovenweep. Part of the Utah Parks/Grand Canyon/Monument Valley loop driven by a million rental motor homes every year. It must be worse for Mexican Hat. Most tourists don't even stop there.
Utah lodging caters to upscale families. Not much demand for old, small, and rustic rooms. Many 3-star motels. Not so many 2-star motels. It's inevitable that the old small places go away and are replaced with fancy resorts.

1 year ago
Kelly Iniguez commented on Day 12: Mexican Hat to Bluff

When you were in Bluff, was there a large exhibit with dinosaurs? Big ones? Today, as we drove through, the fort was still there, but the dinosaurs are gone. We almost wonder if we were imagining them, but we have the same memory . . .

Bluff and Mexican Hat are both in sad shape, post COVID. In Mexican Hat, the only motel/restaurant open is the San Juan. The gas station is open.

In Bluff, the little convenience store and neighboring motel are open. The fancy Desert Rose was open. Everything between those two was closed. The excellent steak house has been closed a couple of years. There's a big, fancy motel (?) condos (?) that they've been actively building for several years, right at the base of the big climb out of town. It will be very interesting to see what that develops into. Guess, what? It is open. I'd include a link if it were possible. Bluff Dwelling Spa. I'm not sure how relaxing it would be with all of the construction, but all of the reviews are excellent and no mention of noise. Ammenities include a restaurant. Lodging prices are $149. for November, and $219. in June. Totally worth the price. Especially opposed to the tiny, depressing room we stayed in next to the convenience store.

1 year ago
Wayne Estes replied to a comment by Kelly Iniguez on Day 10: Kayenta to Monument Valley

I know Oren and Jacinto both have a general aversion to crowded parks. I suppose Monument Valley Tribal Park is crowded if 5 tour buses just arrived all at once. But it's not crowded at sunset or early in the morning. The main monument view is an afternoon/sunset view. The morning view is not as spectacular.

1 year ago
Wayne Estes commented on Day 10: Kayenta to Monument Valley

I would have paid extra for a view room if it was available. But I don't regret staying in a bus driver room. The view was just a few steps away, and I still got to see it at sunset and early in the morning. I think most of the rooms are booked by bus tour companies years in advance. February would be awesome if you had a sunny day after a bit of snow.

1 year ago
Wayne Estes commented on a photo in Day 9: Tuba City to Kayenta

I stopped for about 20 minutes. During that time 2 cars came by. Both at about 40 MPH. Not sure either of them even saw me in the deep shadow.

1 year ago
Kelly Iniguez commented on Day 10: Kayenta to Monument Valley

For two years I tried to get a room at The View Hotel, and could only get the bus driver room. Today, for fun, I checked a couple of random dates in the winter and could get their most expensive room at $199. I chose a random June date and several room types were available, although the cheapest room was $239. The bus driver room was actually cheapest, at $119.

I am completely enchanted by the view in Monument Valley. I couldn't get either Jacinto or Oren interested in staying. Although it didn't matter much, because there weren't rooms. Perhaps as I drive through in February, I can stay there by myself! I could enjoy the view as long as I like!

1 year ago
Kelly Iniguez commented on a photo in Day 9: Tuba City to Kayenta

This is the tunnel I stopped at for a nature break. There was no one in sight, in any direction. Until . . . you know it . . . I was in a full compromising position and someone came down the dirt road, through the tunnel. Ah, well . . .

1 year ago