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From London - Middlesbrough - Sheffield by Michael Jennings

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Jon Ayling replied to a comment by Michael Jennings on Ashwell - Sutton Saint Edmund, Lincolnshire

Ha, yeah it's definitely somewhat off the beaten track, and not normally a magnet for visitors. We used to cross it north-south and east-west quite a bit, and not really pay it much notice.

So I was surprised when I moved to the area just how nice scenery parts of Beds/Herts/Bucks has. Fens still freak me out a bit with their flatness, mind. Oh yes, I bet Grimsby's been pretty bracing!

3 years ago
Michael Jennings replied to a comment by Jon Ayling on Ashwell - Sutton Saint Edmund, Lincolnshire

Thanks John. I see from your profile that you live in Bedfordshire, one of [to me, in earlier times at least] one of England's drive-through counties.

Our son went to University in Sheffield, as you may have read and now lives in Manchester. Pre-plague, I would devise various routes to cycle up for a visit to either of those cities. Consequently, I have become more familiar with the less touristy parts of the country. Grimsby's not so nice this time of year.

3 years ago
Jon Ayling commented on Ashwell - Sutton Saint Edmund, Lincolnshire

Funny to see more photos of Potton appearing on CycleBlaze! The place hasn't changed much since 2008, though that cafe is now a hairdresser (closed at the moment of course).

This is great, thanks Michael, I don't think I saw this the first time round.

3 years ago
Mike Ayling commented on Ashwell - Sutton Saint Edmund, Lincolnshire

Are you happy to leave in your links to your other CrazyGuy journals?


6 years ago