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From İstanbul - Bandırma Bisiklet Turu (1997) by Halûk Okur

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Halûk Okur replied to a comment by Rich Frasier on 9. gün: Son gün: Bandırma

Thank you for your kind words Rich. Of course it's ok to comment in any language. I speak German and English, and there is Google Translator for the rest.

At first I couldn't decide if I should translate my tour notes, then I thought nobody would give a damn about some lousy writing which is decades old, so why bother.

These journals were residing on a server of my employer which is decomissioned recently. I can still create an English version but I'm not sure if it's worth it.

Thanks again for your comments, have a good day.

2 years ago
Rich Frasier commented on 9. gün: Son gün: Bandırma

I hope it’s ok to comment in English. I am reading your journals using Chrome to automatically translate to English. Thank you for posting this amazing journey - I really enjoyed reading about your adventure and I hope to read many more!

2 years ago