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From In search of penguins. by Mike Cackette

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Fran Tracey commented on 10) Stuck

Glad to hear you made it back, what a trip ! How is Louises knee / leg. No gangrene? I suppose you got out of quarantine today ?!! Please text me !

4 months ago
Jan Salmon Arm commented on 10) Stuck

Hey, can I believe my eyes? Did you actually make the whole trip home without getting anything purposefully STOLEN? Milagro!

5 months ago
Mike Cackette replied to a comment by Jean Gibbons on 10) Stuck

Hi Jean and Nick,
If Air Canada finds my lost bike, there will be more trips. Doubtless, they will be equally eventful; but hopefully less traumatic.

5 months ago
Jean Gibbons commented on 10) Stuck

Been following your journey and are really gad to hear that you’re back safely in Canada. What a trip! Has that put you off cycle tours for life? It seems such a long time ago that we met in Puerto Octay. All the best. Jean & Nick

5 months ago
Dagmar Kelly commented on a photo in 10) Stuck

Wohoo! Happy you have made it back to Canada. It must be a bit of a culture shock coming back to a whole new normal. I don't know when I'll be able to return/visit Canada, but looking forward to catching up re your adventures. PS BC Ferry food is fantastic compared to AC food from Oz to Canada.

5 months ago
Brian Driscoll commented on 10) Stuck

Lucky you! I still haven't seen the inside of a 787. Not that it'll be any different, but I understand they are less pressurized so you arrive at your destination as refreshed as when you left. At least jet lag isn't a problem flying north.

5 months ago
Dagmar Kelly commented on 10) Stuck

Yeah! Thinking of you and hope you have safe travels.

5 months ago
Scott Anderson commented on 10) Stuck


5 months ago
Kathryn Hamilton commented on 10) Stuck

At least you have a cat.

5 months ago
Mike Cackette replied to a comment by Jan Salmon Arm on 10) Stuck

The Canadian consulate has not been helpful. We have contacted them.

5 months ago
Kathleen Classen commented on 10) Stuck

Oh no. What a challenging situation. Stay safe.

5 months ago
Jan Salmon Arm commented on 10) Stuck

Aw, jeez. Any help from Canadian consul? You can't be the only Canadians stranded in Chile, gracias Latam.

5 months ago
Susan Carpenter commented on 10) Stuck

You two were my first thoughts when I heard this morning that Latam was filing for bankruptcy. After all you've been through! But I'm not surprised that you're looking on the bright side. We're all pulling for you.

5 months ago
Scott Anderson commented on a photo in 10) Stuck

Beware! With your string of luck, you might get the virus from it.

5 months ago
Fay Gin commented on 10) Stuck

Travel agents are suffering as well! I'm glad you've rented a nice casa for your staycation!

6 months ago