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From A new way... by Victa Calvo

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Victa Calvo replied to a comment by Rachel and Patrick Hugens on Why?

Hello Rachel and Patrick,
Almost missed your comment as it went straight to my spam folder for some reason. I also saw your query about Japan in the forum. I have a daughter who lives there and my wife visits quite regularly (or did pre-covid). Our cycle trip was very enjoyable and we would have been back for more, but well you know... Covid. Japan is one of the most fascinating countries I've travelled in. And it was surprisingly easy to cycle tour. The locals were very open and friendly.

But as I'm sure you know, they are only just now very slowly and hesitantly reopening to tourists. Summer is very hot and muggy, except in the far north. October/November are good months for touring. I'd avoid summer or winter. And I'm not a big fan of big cities, either. The back roads are remarkably untravelled and quiet; I wasn't expecting that...

I hope that helped answer your questions.

1 year ago
Rachel and Patrick Hugens commented on Why?

Hi that quote was in my journal in 1992 when I took off solo to NZ on my first tour in November.
Starting research now on perhaps cycling in Japan. Did you like cycling in Japan in October? Thinking of what to plan as a 30 year anniversary of cycling.
Thanks Racpat

1 year ago
Bruce Lellman commented on Curious about Collie...

"...the expanded cemetery will have them covered..." A nice turn of a phrase, Victor. Well done.

3 years ago
Bruce Lellman commented on a photo in Dwellingup

Having the small panniers on the rear makes everything look very smart! And, I agree with Scott but then, again, I have always been drawn to the color yellow in a big way.

3 years ago
Kathleen Classen commented on And what did he learn?

This was exotic, far away and magical for me. Familiar too! Our daughter in law is from Perth and we spent two months in the Margaret River area (Dunsborough specifically) exploring and visiting with the kiddos. I loved all the ‘ups’in your journal. Our DIL’s Mom is in Boyanup, and we were in so many more. Yallingup, Wilyabrup, Cowaramup etc. etc. We long to get back there and have our fingers crossed for 2022. We are also wanting to get our Australian family over here to the West Coast of Canada. Thank you so much for writing this. You really brightened my day, post a local, and cool, bike ride.

3 years ago
Scott Anderson commented on And what did he learn?

Hear, hear! 20 years ago, I wasn’t sure I’d still be biking this late in life, much less that I’d be enjoying it as much as I still do. I didn’t have the vision then to see that the experience would morph with the times and be rewarding in new ways. Something’s lost but something’s gained, as Joni taught us decades ago.

3 years ago
Victa Calvo commented on a photo in Nannup

From the photo, you can't see that the cycle track skirts around this bit of the old rail line just offscreen to the right.

But there is the odd embedded sleeper or two to keep you on your toes.

3 years ago
Kathleen Jones commented on And what did he learn?

Lovely journal. Thanks.

3 years ago
Kathleen Jones commented on Donnelly River

I laughed out loud when I read how tired you were after a day of watching the kids. I can imagine they were exhausting, yet good to be around. The youngsters near me have kept my spirits up during this pandemic.

3 years ago
Scott Anderson commented on a photo in Nannup

Much better, thanks. I was getting a headache.

3 years ago
Scott Anderson commented on a photo in Nannup

Yes, that looks like a lovely cycling surface. Kathump. Kathump. Kathump.

3 years ago
Bill Shaneyfelt commented on a photo in And what did he learn?

You said:

"And I didn't tour through any exotic far away magical mystical places. "

Ahhhhh, but you DID! Just that you are familiar with them, but most of us reading this are likely to disagree.

Thanks for the great tour! I especially enjoy the nature shots and the accompanying information.

3 years ago
Victa Calvo commented on a photo in It's Wood, not Dale

Thanks for following up on my wildflower photos Bill. I'm hopeless at identifying them. I ride along in a state of ignorance. That's right along side of the state of Denial, another state I visit frequently.

3 years ago
Bill Shaneyfelt commented on a photo in It's Wood, not Dale

That flower might be large flowered Thomasia. Apparently quite variable.

3 years ago
Bill Shaneyfelt commented on a photo in Nglang Boodja

It took some internet searching, but the white flowers match well with Australian clematis (among many other common names).

3 years ago