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From Bangladesh + India x 2 by Graham Finch

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Graham Finch replied to a comment by Andrea Brown on Fort Cochin

PS: The journal has been slightly changed,too - I've amended it to present tense and not included all the same photos, practically all of which have been edited as most were underexposed.

3 years ago
Graham Finch replied to a comment by Gregory Garceau on Fort Cochin

Hi, Greg

It could be that I get more of a buzz and a feeling of being 'out there' - on an adventure - in those kinds of countries, whereas riding here in Taiwan is very familiar to me now, and of course the same with the UK.

Hopefully I can get away this year as it seems ages since I did so.

3 years ago
Graham Finch replied to a comment by Andrea Brown on Fort Cochin

Hi, Andrea

I love that title, too... I just wanted to have it here under a different name, as with my other old journals.

Visas can be a headache. While in India/Bangladesh, I wasn't sure how valid mine were after re-crossing the border, but obviously nothing was said.

Touring in both countries can be taxing, with personal space sometimes eroded, and the same questions about where you're from soon get old, but the people are wonderful.

You don't see too many journals of cycling in Bangladesh, but just try to find the quiet back roads, like I did. You'll no doubt love it.

3 years ago
Gregory Garceau commented on Fort Cochin

I've got to say that I've enjoyed many of your recent journals, Graham, but your older journals like this one and the Morocco one that I've recently been reading are most exciting. And vivid. And visual.

3 years ago
Andrea Brown commented on Fort Cochin

I'm a little late to the party here but I just realized this journal is "Song of the Little Road", one of my favorite journals ever! Love the photography, the route, everything. I am just sad that you changed the title. We nearly started our last trip in Bangladesh but got worn down by all the logistics of visas for it and India because we wanted to overland into Myanmar. But Bangladesh is still on our "maybe wanna" list.

3 years ago