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From No Bike Boxes, Trains, Planes or Automobiles by Craig Dally

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Craig Dally replied to a comment by Vince McCarthy on On Hold...

Hi Vince
The route I was planning is still a no go. Can't really decide what to do. Things are rusting up a little!


1 week ago
Vince McCarthy commented on On Hold...

G'day mate, I'm sorry to hear things are bad over there. Don't let your bike or your bones get rusty. Hugs Vince

1 week ago
Craig Dally commented on On Hold...

Hi Steve, fingers crossed for good weather for your trip.

4 weeks ago
Craig Dally replied to a comment by Scott Anderson on The Route

Hi Scott, things are a bit slower up that way, probably hasn't changed that much:-) Photographic proof to follow when I eventually get there.

4 weeks ago
Scott Anderson commented on The Route

Hey, I’ll enjoy this! It will give me a chance to reminisce. Rachael rode the east cape over 30 years ago. I can’t wait to see why it looks like now.

4 weeks ago
Steve Miller/Grampies commented on On Hold...

Darn the weather-it really plays havoc with travel plans. Meanwhile, here in beautiful British Columbia, we are holding our breaths that the recent winter snowstorm does not impact our flights to Montreal and then Portugal over the next few days.

4 weeks ago
Craig Dally replied to a comment by Keith Adams on Introduction

Thanks Keith
Certainly a lot less hassle leaving from your own driveway.
I like the idea of short 2 or 3 day trips too. Gets you out of housework if nothing else . Enjoy your trips.

3 months ago
Keith Adams commented on Introduction

Your thumbnail / TOC page photo is magnificent!

Good luck and good riding to you on your upcoming tour.

Whether or not they actually happen has yet to be seen but I've laid out a number of tours for 2023 that begin and / or end in my driveway. Some (most) of them are relatively modest three-to-five day affairs- short incursions into the neighboring states- but a couple would take me on 700+ mile journeys to places farther afield.

3 months ago
Craig Dally commented on The Route

Hi Mike
I sometimes wish it was, but no, it's a 4 litre water tank from Adventure Hydration.


3 months ago
Mike Ayling commented on The Route

Hi Craig

Is that an e-assist battery on the bike in your profile pic?


3 months ago
Craig Dally replied to a comment by Vince McCarthy on The Route

Thanks Vince
Yep, my main reason for publishing it so early, so I have to follow through:-)

3 months ago
Vince McCarthy commented on The Route

Kia ora,

You've published your intentions, no backing out now. I can't wait to follow along mate. 👍🏻

3 months ago