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From Australia's Great River by Mike Ayling & Mary Ayling

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Emily Sharp commented on The final summary.

Even though it wasn't quite what you originally planned, it looks like you had a really good tour with lots of interesting history and people. I'm glad you and the bikes both held up to the rigors of the road, and it was only weather that gave you any trouble. I look forward to seeing where you are off to in Oct/Nov. Emily

1 year ago
Kathleen Jones commented on The final summary.

Another great ride journal. Enjoy seeing the sights down there I wouldn't see otherwise. Smart of you to take advantage of that gambler's shuttle. And that paddle steamer tour was really interesting.

Thanks, Mary and Mike.

1 year ago
Kathleen Jones commented on Day two Albury to Corowa

How nice that you were able to meet up with Emily and Don. Not sure I've ever seen a photo of Em not in her riding kit.

Enjoying following along.


1 year ago
Suzanne Gibson commented on Day two Albury to Corowa

I thought all those place names sounded familiar - from reading Emily's journals. And then there she was! Must have been a lovely evening.
Looks like you are having a fine ride.

1 year ago
Steve Miller/Grampies commented on Day one Melbourne to Albury

Happy47th Anniversary. Only 3 to go for the big 50. On another note, please put the date in each blog entry so we know whether we are ahead, behind or right on time...haha.

1 year ago