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We are unable to ride any of Europe's great rivers such as The Rhine, The Danube or the Rhone this year so we have to make do with our own back yard. The Murray starts in the High Country between the States of New South Wales and Victoria and forms the border of those States until it reaches South Australia.

We are going to ride a short segment between Albury in New South Wales and Swan Hill in Victoria.

Interesting fact: The actual border is the Victorian riverbank so the whole river is in New South Wales. 

The only thing I miss from CrazyGuy is the mapping utility although Frankie has given me a link to a similar one but unfortunately it is in German which I find hard to understand so we are using Open Cycling Maps which do not give an altitude profile but do provide a cue sheet.

We each have a Nikon A300 point and shoot camera  so we can share a charger saving a few grams however Mary's has just carked it with an internal fault that discharges the battery when not in use so we have just bought a replacement. We will be using the Nikon Snapbridge App to transfer pictures from our phones to the Samsung tablet so hopefully we will be able to post pictures as we go.

We have now obtained our free train tickets (for details of the scheme see one of our previous journals) and we catch the train to Albury at 12.05 on Monday 7 May.

Now to finalise those maps and cue sheets and do some packing.

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Kelly IniguezMike,
As you know from forum discussion, I have a new to me Rohloff. I've been poking around on the internet on this blustery spring day, looking at Rohloff stuff. I bought my bike as a demo bike that had sat in the shop for four years. But, as I look around at serial numbers and year of manufacture, it appears that my hub is actually a 2014-15! I'd like to know what shelf it sat on for all of those years. - I found this thread - lo and behold, my hub 202,567 - would sit right next to yours in the list! I had to look twice at your name!
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2 months ago
Mike AylingTo Kelly IniguezThat would be correct Kelly.
I ordered the bike in December 2015 and it was built in early 2016 and after eight years the Rohloff is still working well

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2 months ago