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John Pickett


Title Ratings
Mediocre Follow-Up 2019 63
The Any Road Tour - DC to the PNW 81
The No Way So Hey Tour 38
A UP Bike Tour 14
No Wrong Plan - Pittsburgh to DC 15
The Gut, the Bent, and the Ugly 23
For A Few Advils Less 19
A Fistful of Advil 29


I've been bicycle touring in the United States since 2000. I've done nine tours including a solo cross country trek in 2018. Other tours of note include the Erie Canal, DC to Key West, Indiana to San Francisco using the Adventure Cycling Western Express route, and Pittsburgh to DC using the GAP and C&O Canal trails. 

My journals consist of my three old CrazyGuy journals from 2003 to 2005 and five new journals constructed out of my daily blog posts on from 2015 to 2019.

My 2019 tour wrecked my body something fierce so the pandemic gave me ample time to heal up. 

I am happily retired and awaiting my Covid vaccine jab so that I may venture out again before age catches up to me.