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The Adventure Begins

Just to get to the starting line for this short cycle, Evelyn and Amelia and Joseph needed to cross the continent. Montreal to Victoria (via Edmonton) is 5,000 km, and even with the major link by air, measured door to door is at least a 12 hour odyssey. Still, when they came out of Arrivals at the airport, they looked more like movie stars than tired and hungry kids.

Coming off the plane, the kids' enthusiasm was great to see.
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On the way to the farm from the airport (which in itself takes over and hour) we stopped at Costco, hoping to find some sun shirts for protection on the bikes. Unfortunately Costco seems to think it is already Winter, and was offering snugly hoodies, for use in the blistering sun outside.

Oh well, at least we did find two mermaid costume gowns. It could equally have been pirates or princesses or fairies, but both chose mermaid. We will not be cycling in those!

Once at the farm, there was no sign of collapse from the kids. Rather it was off to see the chickens and collect eggs.

Once on the farm, the first order of business is to head off to see the chickens and maybe snare some eggs.
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Hello chickens!
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Joseph has an egg!
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Then the Grampies fairly extensive selection of toys got dragged out. This was followed by dinner at an exclusive table in the Grampie restaurant.

The farm has a good selection of mostly farm oriented toys.
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It can be a bit dangerous - with wooden table corners lurking around, but there is always a sofa, an ice pack, and RaRa, the stuffed rabbit.
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The days ends with a sumptuous meal at a kid sized table.
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Tomorrow we will pack up and do some demo Weehoo runs. Evee will surely benefit from a gentle introduction to this kind of bike, while Amelia of course is an old pro (we hope she remembers that).

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