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July 30, 2016

About Kids' Photos

One thing I am sure about is that having a camera increases the enjoyment of a trip greatly, both for adults and kids. Focusing on a subject, both literally and figuratively does naturally increase your appreciation of it. The photos also, of course, express the "point of view" of the photographer, both in composition and in the choice of subjects. In that way, photography is a way to appreciate the photographer as well as the subject.

So what about the kids' photos? First off, the modern point and shoot cameras make it possible for them to use the equipment. However they still have problems holding the camera still enough or not being too close. These problems ruin about half of what they shoot. What we see in the remainder maybe is predictable and mirrors what we do with a camera ourselves:

Selfies! Photos of family.s Flowers, animals, bikes.

But we also see things from some different persepctives - peoples mid sections, scenes through cracks, walls, scenes at weird angles.

The selection in the two pages that follow probably doesn't say much. After all, it was selected by an adult. It would be fun later to see what the kids themselves would have chosen and what their comments on the shot would be.

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