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April 29, 2010

Henderson to Lewisport: Speeding into a headwind.... NOT!

Our wake up call this morning was provided by a telephone call from grandson Nicholas letting us know he was sick. For most of the day, it was all headwinds or barely quartering winds. Although we were on flat ground it was like riding up a steep hill. Most of the day we struggled to exceed 5 mph. I found I liked a straight on headwind more than a quartering wind. I theorize that on a tandem there is still a significant drafting benefit in a headwind.

Lots of people want to chat with us. We feel bad when we rush on, but we have to get the miles in. An elderly man collecting cans on his bike kept up with us for a while, talking the entire time. A young man in the Owensboro Subway talked at length about his dreams of adventure. We saw many trains today, in come cases just crossing the tracks before the crossing gates dropped.

Beautiful scenery.
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Some gentle rollers were a lot of fun. It took several tries to get a picture that conveyed the feel of the roads today.
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Today's ride: 67 miles (108 km)
Total: 869 miles (1,399 km)

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