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June 13, 2011

Delaware to Butler: Why does Delaware seem so familiar?

The morning was cool and pleasant. When on the outskirts of Delaware, we passed behind a plant nursery and I had one of those deja vu experiences. A block away we passed a small house which was definitely familiar. Then it all came back. Years ago, we hosted an AFS exchange student from Costa Rica for a year. Five summers ago, Maria obtained her college degree as an Agricultural Engineer, she returned to the United States to participate in an internship program at the nursery in Delaware. She lived in the small house which seemed so familiar. We had been at the house twice, to drop her off and later to pick her up, but didn't remember the name of the city. I guess we are now at an age when we can forget the name of a city, but still remember a familiar house or setting. Just down the street we were passed by an Adventure Cyclist van. We surmise they were checking out the route.

We saw Alyson off and on through-out the day. We happened to be riding together when we encountered a "Road Closed" sign. Although our default philosophy is that those signs don't apply to us (adventurous cyclists) a consultation with a local revealed a bridge was removed and we would not be able to get through. One option (which Alyson chose) was to retrace the route and take a detour. However, our GPS revealed a gravel road which would enable us to avoid going back. Of course, we took the teeth chattering gravel route. Somehow, the gravel was just the right size to set up an oscillating vibration which gave Rhona a head and neck ache and even caused the quick release on the B.O.B. trailer to come loose from the rear axle of the tandem. Alyson had the good grace to not say "I told you so", but the stoker on the tandem was not as discrete.

This portion of the Adventure Cyclist map did not list any lodging services for a 150 mile stretch (without leaving the route). Fortunately, Alyson learned about the Angelwoods B&B (four miles off route)and we made reservations. Even better, the four miles were along a scenic valley road named "Pleasant Valley Road".

The suite included a big airy sitting room..
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...and a patio-porch. The owner, Vic even washed some laundry for us and ordered dinner.
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The breakfast table looked great
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Vic was working her magic at the stove while I wandered around taking pictures.
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Vic and John are an interesting copyle who have traveled widely, are well educated and have had interesting occupations. She is very busy now with the B&B, catered parties, weddings and etc. The actual name is AngelWoods Hideaway B&B 1983 Pleasant Valley Road Lucas, OH 44843-9750. Phone is 419-892-2929 They have an informative website at You can email them at
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Alyson spoke to us about a medical issue. Since leaving Mobile, she was experiencing increasing pain in her quad. She had hoped it would go away, but instead the problem was getting worse. She decided to end her trip early. Vic offered to drive her to the airport which was on here way to visit a family member. Just one other example of our host's hospitality.

Today's ride: 61 miles (98 km)
Total: 490 miles (789 km)

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