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May 23, 2019

Day 29 Elizabeth City, NC

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Today was our longest ride so far - 63 miles.  It was very flat, just a couple of easy bridges to cross and we had a tailwind going north.  That changed in a big way when we turned west for the last 17 miles.  We had a strong headwind to make our long day even more fun! 

We rode north through Nags Head.  It was interesting to see the few small, older beach homes left among the huge mega houses being built now.  

I think people's expectations of a beach house have changed a lot!
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The one on the right was probably considered a big house when it was built.
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We visited the Wright Brothers National Memorial at Kill Devil Hills.  I liked the boulders placed in the field to show the lengths of the first four flights on December 17, 1903.

The large boulder in the foreground is at the take off point and the boulders down the path show the distance of each flight. The longest was 852 feet and lasted 59 seconds.
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We walked up the path to the memorial.
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The view from the top was beautiful. Kerry wants to fly.
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This is the view back toward the visitor's center. Can anyone spot our bike?
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Rich McKayI'm guessing that the bike is in front of the wall on the far right of the Visitor's Center. Either that, or it's in the back of that guy's pickup that just drove off in a big hurry!
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3 weeks ago
Jeanna & Kerry SmithTo Rich McKayYou found it!
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2 weeks ago
Leaving the Wright Brothers Memorial, we met Dana and Yates, who are also cyclists, checking out our bike. It was fun talking with them.
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A few miles north of Kill Devil Hills, we crossed the Currituck Sound back to the mainland.  We rode the entire length of the Outer Banks National Scenic Byway from Beaufort to Nags Head.  

On the way inland to Elizabeth City, we saw our first corn fields of this trip.  I think this is probably the farthest we've ridden without seeing row crops growing.

Virginia tomorrow!

Today's ride: 63 miles (101 km)
Total: 1,070 miles (1,722 km)

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Michael RuddockJeanna and Kerry:

As always, nicely written and very interesting. We feel as if we are there with you!

Diane and Michael
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2 weeks ago
Jeanna & Kerry SmithThanks for the nice comment. We'd love to have you along with us! We're looking forward to seeing you - at least Michael - when we get to Ontario.
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2 weeks ago