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May 7, 2019

Day 13 Jacksonboro, SC

Wet again!

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We had a nice short route today and expected a quick, easy day.  Well, you know how that goes...  We started out on the Spanish Moss Trail which we rode a little bit of yesterday.  We were on it for a few miles and it was a smooth, scenic ride.  

The Spanish Moss Trail
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No Spanish moss, but nice wooded views here
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After we left the trail, we took US 21 and US 17 to Jacksonboro.  

It would be great if all of US 17 had a shoulder like this!
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We didn't expect rain - the forecast said 20% - but we got some light showers for about 7 0r 8 miles.  It wasn't enough to stop and get out the rain gear, but enough to be a little uncomfortable.  Once the rain quit, we enjoyed another adventure in cycling - flat tire number 3.  Kerry got it changed in a grassy field and we managed to escape the fire ants.  At this point, we had 8 miles to go.  There wasn't a restaurant near the motel, so we stopped a mile away at the convenience store for some fried  chicken and snacks.  The 2 liter Diet Cokes were BOGO, so we bought two, thinking we'd just give one away there at the store.  We knew we didn't want to carry two with us.  It was surprising to our Diet Coke addicted selves how many people we offered the second bottle to before someone wanted it.  We must have asked at least at six or eight people before we found someone who wanted it.

We arrived at the old motel where we were staying.  I knew it didn't have WIFI, so we couldn't be too disappointed.  It was clean enough and the owner was a trip.  She came over after she got off work and we talked for almost an hour.  We heard a large part of her life story.  She was personable and fun to talk to and we had a good time.  She invited next door to her house to use her WIFI, but we decided to just stay in the room.

Tomorrow we get to Charleston where we will stay for three nights and visit with friends.

Today's ride: 38 miles (61 km)
Total: 475 miles (764 km)

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