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May 5, 2019

Day 11 Savannah, GA

We spent another day relaxing and sightseeing in Savannah.  Our friends from home, Stan and Cathy Hunter, are staying nearby in their RV and drove in today to spend the day with us.

We first went to the Ships of the Sea Museum which had many very large, intricately detailed models.  It is housed in a beautifully restored home, the William Scarborough House, completed on 1819.  I really wasn't very interested in the ship models, but I enjoyed looking at the home.  The carpets were reproductions and featured something I'd never seen before.  Cathy actually spotted it.  What do you see?

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While we were touring the museum, we ran into the same couple from the restaurant Thursday who passed us in their car Friday.  I can hardly believe that we saw them again.  Here are are friends Stan and Cathy with Nan and Hugh Wood from Gettysburg, PA.

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After lunch, Stan and Cathy went with us to the Georgia State Railroad Museum.  We saw all the things we missed yesterday.

I couldn't get far enough back to get the whole smokestack. At the base are little rooms which were used for privies and showers.
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There was one feature I would not have expected in a 19th century industrial plant.  This workers' garden was maintained as a place for workers to relax and enjoy.  Flowers and vegetables were raised here.

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Tomorrow we'll be back on the road to Beaufort, SC.  We're hoping for better riding conditions than we had Friday! - Jeanna

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Men are from Mars and women are from Venus - Unlike Jeanna, I wasn't interested in the architecture of the house at the Ships of the Seas Museum, but I did like the models.  Both the size and the detailing of the models was awesome.  

It wasn't all sightseeing today.  Between tours,  we returned to the hotel to play a game of cards.  The results of that game was a real downer for me, but Cathy was happy. After returning  from the Railroad Museum, we played a second game which, from my viewpoint, had a happier ending!

Even though we didn't ride, IT WAS ANOTHER GOOD DAY!!.     


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Lou Harmingood friends make good days!!
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