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The ones that got away

Breakfast at our hotel in Walker was full of cyclists. There's a cycling club of retirees in the twin cities that does 3 bike trips a year. This year 17 of them made the trip up to Walker to ride on the trails.

Our hotel was full of cyclists.
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Although the Paul Bunyan trail continues north from Walker, we opted to take the Heartland trail instead. We had some nice animal photo opportunities today, but all of them got away before we could snap a picture. First there was a bold eagle perched in a tree, then a beaver (well at least his lodge), then a deer, and finally a woodchuck. All held a pose until they saw that we had taken out our phone and were ready to take a picture, then they disappeared into the foliage. Maddening.

At least the trees didn't run away. This is a very representative sample of central Minnesota foliage.
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The sun came out, much to the delight of team S.
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We did manage to snap a few cheesy Paul Bunyan pictures.

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We are staying in some fancy digs in Itaska state park. We have a very nice porch with screens to keep the bugs out. For some reason the Minnesota state bird (the mosquito) has not been much in evidence, but the screens are reassuring.

Jeanna trying to snap a picture of our fancy porch, but she is too late to post her picture, since I already posted my porch picture.
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