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Dodging drops

It's impossible to write about rain on a bike ride without sounding like a whiner. We were ready to hit the road at 8:00, but there was rain and thunder. So we sat around watching HBO, waiting for the rain to end. We sat through the second half of a movie we may or may not have previously seen, then a chick flick with a plot so transparent that we might as well have seen it a dozen times. The guy and the girl have nothing in common and take an instant dislike for each other - of course they're going to fall in love, break up and get back together in the next 90 minutes.

Eventually we could put off our departure no longer. It was still raining at 1:00 pm, but we had to get going to make it to our destination before really heavy evening rain was due to show up.

Oh so stylish shower caps.
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The good news was that after the first 10 miles we would be on bike trails most of the way.

The Des Moines River.
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Onto the bike trail!
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Although it was drizzling and we could hear thunder, we managed to stay just a bit north of the serious afternoon rain. In fact it soon turned into a nice afternoon and the trail filled up with pedestrians and cyclists. We love empty trails in the woods but we also like to see trails getting a lot of use. Trails in the Des Moines area get plenty of use.

Houses springing up like mushrooms next to the trail. The location must add a lot of value to the house.
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Planting next year's crop of houses on the other side of the trail.
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A high point of the trail was crossing the high trestle bridge.

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Boris Fayferthat some amassing bridge! : The 13-story (40-meter) high and nearly half-mile (770-meter) long trestle bridge provides scenic views of the Des Moines River Valley and is located near mining shafts that were worked by Italian immigrant families and others who settled nearby.The bridge decking incorporates a decorative structure that represents the view through a mine shaft, and its design includes decorative lighting that remains on until 10:30pm in the summer and 9:00pm in the winter.
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When we were just a few miles from our destination in Perry it began to rain again. We had to make a choice - stick to our planned route on a dirt road that was turning muddy, or take a slightly longer route on a highway that might have heavy traffic. We decided to do both, sending team A one direction and team S the other. Both arrived in one piece, so the choice was a toss up.

No lack of murals on our trip.
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We made it to Perry.
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