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August 15, 2018

Day 91 Dunkirk, NY

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This morning, we left our hotel in Amherst and rode south through Buffalo.  The guys had some concerns about urban traffic, but the roads had low traffic volume and the drivers were courteous.  The only problem we encountered getting through the city was some terrible pavement here and there.  It seemed obvious that the most economically depressed neighborhoods had the worst roads - no surprise there.

For a couple of miles, we had a nice rail-trail to ride
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There is a Tesla plant in Buffalo
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Leaving the city behind, we turned south along the shore of Lake Erie.  There were miles of very economically advantaged areas along the shore - lots of large, gated properties with drives so long the homes weren't visible from the street.

There was big dark cloud over the lake when we turned that way, but it quickly passed.
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One of the many large gated properties along the Lake Erie shore just south of the city
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As we neared our destination of Dunkirk, we started seeing large vineyards.  When we were in the area a couple of years ago, we learned that most of these grapes are grown under contract to Welch's.  

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It was a hard ride today.  We had a strong headwind the whole day.  It feels good to be in our nice comfortable hotel room now.  This is our last night in New York.  Tomorrow we'll be in Pennsylvania and probably try the fruit of some of those vineyards at a winery or two.

I forgot to post this yesterday.  I didn't get any responses to my question of what one might see in the tree trunk.  What I see is a big wolf howling at the moon, but one who, unfortunately, has had his tail amputated!

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Rich McKayWell now that you mention the wolf, I can see it. Prior to that I thought it was just a hand pointing a pistol directly at you...
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Today's ride: 56 miles (90 km)
Total: 4,174 miles (6,717 km)

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