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July 12, 2018

Day 57 St. Ignace, MI

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Today was another rain day.  It was raining when we left Newberry and we had light to moderate rain for the first 30 miles.  Then the rain stopped and we dried out on the second half of the ride.  It wasn't too bad, just chilly and damp.

I put the camera away this morning to keep it dry and didn't take it out until a final break at a roadside park a few miles from St. Ignace.  This is my only picture of the day.

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Team A did better and have posted some pictures on their entry for today.  We rode along the shore of Lake Michigan for miles and had some beautiful views.

We had one of the very few complete jerk drivers we've encountered so far today.  We were on a detour on a paved two lane road with no shoulders.  There was a fair amount of traffic and great big orange signs with a bicycle image and "Share the Road" all along the detour.  This semi driver drove very fast just as close to us as he could without hitting us.  Kerry called him all kinds of names and I was just glad we were safe.  Team A was safe too, but they had a closer encounter with him than we did.

This was our last day in the UP.   Tomorrow we will cross the bridge to lower Michigan and more civilization - more towns, more people, more traffic.  Except for the individual referenced above, we've enjoyed the quiet beauty and solitude of riding through the UP.

Today's ride: 61 miles (98 km)
Total: 2,662 miles (4,284 km)

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