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July 9, 2016

Day 39 in Connellsville

Today was a rest day. At breakfast we talked with four women who were biking from Pittsburgh to Washington.

Traveling women at Connellsville B&B
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We didn't get on the bike, but we did a lot of walking. We walked around town to find places for haircuts, then just went exploring a little. Later, we took our canine B&B hostess, Odie, for a long walk. I didn't carry my phone with me so I have no pictures, but Connellsville has some very old buildings. There are several beautiful old churches. Connellsville is unique among the Pennsylvania towns we have visited in that it has more churches than bars!

Kerry spent hours catching up on personal and trail computer stuff. It is so nice to have good internet service on a rest day.

Tomorrow we get to Pittsburgh and leave behind unpaved trails.

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