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December 30, 2022

The Route II

When reading other journals we sometimes find the authors, who have crawled over every inch of the day's territory, throw around a lot of place names or road numbers, and we have no idea what they are talking about. That's why in our latest blogs we always start with the track showing the day's progress. Thanks to a great feature of Cycleblaze, the maps for each day can be zoomed in and out, meaning that the reader can go all the way from refreshing their memory as to which country, or continent, we are on down to watching us wandering around looking for a bakery on some back street.

In the earlier page titled The Route, we basically only said we are going to Yucatan, and in later pages, as we say, it will be possible to follow each step. But for this page, we will set out just more or less which towns we are going to head for. It's very rough, because we don't really quite know yet. We could be deflected by a lack of place to stay, by a mechanical problem, or by finding somewhere so cool that we decide to hang out for a bit, then necessarily shortcutting some other portion of the ride. For example, Cozumel is a bit of a wild card for us. It's a beautiful island that takes a boat ride from Playa, and it has a good bike route all around it. But the boat ride is a bit seasick producing, and one of the three competing boat lines had its vessel blown up, by the competition, we think, for undercutting prices. 

Loosely, then, here is our plan:

Swarming around northern Yucatan
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This route is approximately 1500 km, which calls loosely for 50 km per day. That's a piece of cake. It's almost like the Canadians are on vacation in Mexico! Even so, the map shows us hitting some key spots - The Mexican Riviera, Chichen Itza - the major Mayan site, Rio Lagartos - flamingo central, Progreso with its long frontage on the Gulf, Sisal - of rope fame, Celestun - more flamingos!, Uxmal and the Puuc Hills - that we never made it to, and so forth. 

In doing this route, we will be backtracking on Rio Lagartos- Tizimin and on Tulum-Cancun. This is not because we love these stretches so much, but because there is a lack of convenient ways to not backtrack. On the other hand, the infamous (to us) Highway 176 is on there, as we propose to gamble on Temax or Buctzotz. Oh, did we hate Buctzotz! While you are waiting for us to fly (tomorrow!) to Yucatan, re-read that account in our Road to Ruins and have a chortle.

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