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April 19, 2018

Stage Six: The Rhone (Via Rhona) 250 km

The Rhone comes out of Switzerland at Geneva and heads over to Lyon. There it turns south and heads for the Mediterranean.  In the stretch from Lyon to Avignon there are two main wonders. The first, to us, is Montelimar. This is the home of nougat, and of our favourite shop,  Suprem'Nougat.  Nougat, of course, is the candy made from egg white, honey, nuts and anything else they can find.  Montelimar is on the N7 which is like the Route 66 in America.  Like Route 66, N7 and its towns have been bypassed, in this case by the A7, and many shops have disappeared.  But we will do our best to keep Suprem'Nougat alive.

This section of the Rhone also has the Cotes du Rhone wine villages, including the famous Chateau Neuf du Pape.  The name comes from when the seat of the papacy was in Avignon.  The vineyards there are interesting because the ground is not only stony but literally covered in stones.

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