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March 10, 2019

Training Ends and It's a Torte for the Road

Training took on some importance in the lead up to this trip, since Dodie was trying to break in (strengthen) her new knees. But our ambitious plans were literally dumped on by repeated unseasonal and heavy snowfalls. In the end, the total distance was just 345 km. This leaves Dodie a little unsure about doing the normal daily distances of a tour. This is now especially critical because we have booked in for every stop.

 I am confident, though, that there will be no problem. My reason is not related to cycling, but to walking. On Saturday Dodie walked 1 km in Victoria, to the Pure Vanilla Bakery. 1 km may seem like nothing, but she did this without a cane, and at normal speed. That's actually a big deal.

(Not such a big deal, unfortunately, was Pure Vanilla. There was really nothing worth a photo there, let alone any whiz bang tortes.)

23.5 km today would have been a good starting point for a month ago, but snow got in the way.
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Even shortish rides reveal some nifty local sights. Here is a lavender farm (with vines behind), suggesting we might not need to plan a return to Provence.
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We made a further torte try on the way home, stopping at the bakery of Thrifty's grocery. Well, we got something, but in no way earth shattering. Dodie and Naijah tried their best to seem interested in these uninspired layer cake bits. We would have to admit that cheesecake is a more developed art around here than anything torte like.

Even these local cakes can seem ok, when you are still 8,500 km from Vienna.
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Truthfully, Vancouver Island might be better sticking to cheescake, like these. But cheescake will have to wait for some future cheescake tour.
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Running out for some real torte would be a bit of a stretch right now!
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As we search out our down parkas, to get ready for our flight into Montreal, we know that in that frigid land torte hunting will at least be better. We also have a second hitherto unreported objective: Hamantashen Hunting. What is that? -  well stay tuned and find out!

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Jonathan HechtHamantashen... 👋👋👋 ....I know, I know!!

Safe travels...
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Sue PriceWaiting with baited breath!!
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3 months ago