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March 6, 2019

Second of the Last Goodbyes

During our long nine month cycling layoff we have been grateful to other Cycleblazers who have entertained us with their reports from the road. Among these have been Sue and Jim Price, who have recently moved not so far away. Sue and Jim found us through our blogs, and have come  by a couple of times in the past to chat about cycling and blogging. 

In 2017 they cycled from here to San Francisco, and in 2018/1019 they went to the Yucatan and Cuba. We followed that most recent trip closely, because the same trip is on our radar for early 2020. 

The Price's - happy times in Cuba
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The Price's - now "chilling out" back in Canada!
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The Price's are just back from the pleasant climate of Cuba, So we lured them down to our place for a debriefing.  

Although their blog had been very thorough, we still had many questions. For example there is the working of the two currencies - the CUC and the Peso. There is the mystery of buying wifi "cards" at hotels and at special shops, and then using them only in special parks. There is the matter of storing bike boxes, who to tip and for what, and on and on.

Very importantly the Price's brought along guidebooks they had used for Cuba, and a super map book they picked up while there.

Guidebooks, and very detailed and useful maps of Cuba.
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As always happens, we had a lively chat lasting a number of hours. This is such a well known thing that some of us are cooking up a larger "clan" meeting, tentatively in July. But the Price's can not be there - they will be off on another trip!

Although you can not class cinnamon buns and cheese danish as "tortes", the Price's did  make a worthy contribution to this blog by bringing a strong selection of goodies from the Old Town Bakery in Ladysmith - 45 km north of here. We wrote to Leo Woodland once, suggesting that (having missed the Old Town) he needed  to return to North America to update his 2010 epic The Great North American Sticky Bun Hunt.  Leo has not taken up this challenge yet, so we and the Prices are struggling valiantly on, keeping these Ladysmith buns in the public eye.

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With a few hugs, we said goodbye to the Price's. Now it will be our turn to entertain them with tales from the road!

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Sue PriceAnd we are most definitely looking forward to your torte tracking trip tales!!!
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3 months ago
Jacquie GaudetI know where I'm stopping the next time I pass through Ladysmith. I'd better be on my bike to justify one of those--maybe it will be an excuse for a short trip?
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3 months ago