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February 26, 2019

Ao Nang

Apart from the first few hours of the morning which was work related, today was another tourist day.  Once our work was done we cycled down to Ao Nang beach to experience the most touristy atmosphere we have ever had in Thailand outside of Bangkok.  Luckily I was mentally prepared so it wasn't too much of a shock. In fact, it was less intense than I thought it would be largely, I suspect, because it seems that business is slower than usual.

The beach itself is quite pretty as is dotted with karst islands but the long tail boats departing for Raillay Beach and the islands made a terrible racket.  Most of the bodies on the beach suggested that Ao Nang is not the hippest place to be in Thailand and a surprising proportion of the tourists seemed to be in a similar age bracket to us (and considerably larger).

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My suspicions about the drop off in business were strengthened when we went off to look for some lunch.  The "La Casa" restaurant on the cheaper side of the beachfront, ie. the northern end, had a Happy "Hour" stretching from eleven in the morning to ten at night!  It did mean that a large Beer Chang was only 50% more than supermarket prices and cocktails were going at 90 baht each.  We ended up eating western food for the first time on this trip - a couple of surprisingly good and affordable pizzas (almost 50% off list price for the duration of Happy "Hour") washed down with the aforementioned Beer Chang and a Maitai cocktail.

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Today's ride: 7 km (4 miles)
Total: 612 km (380 miles)

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