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October 22, 2018


We went to sleep with this site in the background last night.
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It was great to go to sleep below the volcanoes and to wake up to them again this morning.

And we woke up to this sight.
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To put a cherry on top, we had a pod of dolphins pass by while we were breaking camp

Dolphins !
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Then we headed southwards again, having decided to take the easy route back to Shibushi.  Dragging ourselves away from the volcanoes was difficult.  They have affected us much in the same way that Fitzroy did in Argentinean Patagonia earlier this year.

Last look at the volcanoes.
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Then it was a bit of a slog into a fresh headwind for much of the way to Shibushi.  We did manage to get a bit of birding in along the way but it mostly dreary cycling.

We arrived in Shibushi feeling pretty tired and headed down to the ferry port to book our tickets for tomorrow night's boat to Osaka.  Then to a very humble local onsen for a scrub and soak followed by supper at a Sukiya.  We set "Stealth Orange" up for the last time in a little park near the harbour.  Just as we arrived in the park, I picked up my first puncture since I suffered a pinch flat somewhere out on the pampas in Argentina.   This time the culprit was a thumb tack.  The Schwalbe Marathon Dueremes have been pretty impervious to anything we have ridden over (apart from devil's thorns in South Africa) so I can't complain.

The cause of my one and only puncture in Japan.
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Today's ride: 72 km (45 miles)
Total: 3,432 km (2,131 miles)

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