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August 7, 2018

Day 16 - Torching Calories

Buri Ram to Prasat

There's something to be said about the Jintana Resort and Ray Hotel, they've seen multiple visits from me on cycle tours and for whatever reason I keep coming back. Maybe it's the lush and deluxe rooms for such a bargain, the friendly staff, the buffet breakfasts, the swimming pool, and free use of the fitness center. Even on a tour, I make use of the weights and cardio. Besides all that, the hotel is located right beside the countryside quite literally and it's a nice contrast.

View from outside the room, it's in a rural location
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The lush swimming pool
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Buri Ram is definitely not a tourist destination, but it has some cool charms and in my opinion is a very livable city and a worthwhile investment choice which I may consider in future.  There is a sprinkling of expat restaurants run by friendly staff, and an odd little place called 'Thani alley' that has nightclubs. Unfortunately a rainy Monday night meant the place was dead and that's despite how I've been told it really comes alive. For whatever reason, the entire town seemed dead that night. 

So having started the day with fitness, I got on the bike and made tracks towards Surin. It was an awesome road with a tailwind and the farms on both sides, quit lush. About halfway there I stopped for a coffee and checked my messages back in Shanghai. Much to my delight there was an insane promotion on the gym that I'm a regular with, and I snapped up 60 sessions that will last me until the next winter break. Having pulled the trigger, this got me committed to my ongoing goal to destroy all this goddamn stomach fat and build ab muscles. It is not an easy goal because as they say 6-pack abs are made in the kitchen. They may very well start on the bicycle because I was pleased at how the stomach fat was already shrinking during this tour. 

On that note I stopped at a chic restaurant in Surin and ordered some Vietnamese salad rolls which were delicious, and then cut back the sugar on the smoothies. It's a small step in the right direction.  The final 30km south were a race against the weather as it was obvious that rain was coming and I sprinted like mad. It paid off very well as just when checking into the resort, it opened up like a deluge for hours that caused massive flooding on the roads.

Dinner for the night
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Later on I'd be going on a date, yes that is one of the reasons admittedly for going to this far flung location.  It turns out that logistics didn't quite work out that night, but we met in the morning the next day and had some fun.

Today's ride: 89 km (55 miles)
Total: 1,221 km (758 miles)

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