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April 15, 2024

To Santa Marta

As noted in the previous post, we unexpectedly had the pleasure of Suzanne and Janos’s company last night.  And even more surprisingly, we’re both booked in the same hotel again tonight in Santa Marta, the last stop before we have a grand reunion in Mérida tomorrow when Susan Carpenter also rolls into town.

Stranger still, we’re splitting the team today and will be traveling to Santa Marta in two groups, with Suzanne and Rachael biking together and Janos and Scott traveling together later.  A bit unusual, but change is good, right?

Rachael and Suzanne leave first and arrive at the posh Kika Hotel in time for lunch.  Suzanne will have her own photos to present at some point, but for now we’re left with Rachael’s video:

Video sound track: Brownie Eyes, by Clifford Brown

Scott and Janos start out considerably later, enough later that they are rushed to try to make it to Santa Marta before their restaurant shuts down for the afternoon at four.  They make it, but barely; and their rush leaves almost no time for sightseeing - no drone footage today unfortunately, and only a single photo:

The Castello de Nogales, the scenic highlight of today’s route.
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And Santa Marta itself?  Well, it turns out that Santa Marta isn’t the most scintillating stop of the tour, and definitely not a place meriting a photo gallery.  If you really want a look at Santa Marta you’ll have to go there yourself, or do some web browsing.  So we’ll just stop here and call it a night.  Tomorrow’s ride to Mérida promises to be much more interesting, so we might as well rest up for it.

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Today's ride: 29 miles (47 km)
Total: 862 miles (1,387 km)

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Karen PoretAwesome video! Too bad those large vehicles seemed to be way too close when behind or alongside you! Frightening…
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