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March 4, 2024

Still stuck in idle

After a second straight night of abundant rest and minimal congestion, we awaken this morning both feeling like we’re definitely working our way back toward health.  At first there are thoughts to test this out a bit, especially given that the weather is improving - the wind is dying down and it’s a good five degrees warmer today.  Rachael considers whether she might take an easy walk later, and I draw up a candidate short, easy ride out into the countryside.  There’s no rush in figuring it out though, and it can wait until I pop next store to the bakery for coffee and a pastry.

It feels really good outside, and when I walk back to the room I feel a definite improvement over yesterday morning.  It’s not enough though, and when we’re back together we both agree it’s too soon for so much activity.  Among other considerations, we don’t want to risk a setback since tomorrow it’s time to move on.  We have a fifteen mile ride to Alero to be ready for.

As I walk back to the room I stop to take a photo of the nearly empty plaza, with Eva and Al Walter’s ride to Sineu a decade ago fresh in my mind.  In a comment yesterday, Eva described their experience arriving here during the famous Wednesday market:

It might be just as well that you are missing the market. When we were in Mallorca we visited Sineu on a market day and were shocked at how impossibly crowded it was. There were busloads of tourists and hordes of people in front of all the booths and on the restaurant terraces. It was really unpleasant. Al actually has a visual memory of your hotel terrace crammed with people. We high-tailed it out of Sineu and cycled back to Llubi for lunch. 

It’s hard to imagine at the moment, with it so quiet and peaceful here.  I think we’re lucky we’re leaving tomorrow, a Tuesday.  A day later and we might have had trouble getting our bikes out of the garage.

It’s not market day.
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I’m just about to reach for the door to the hotel when it registers that I’m hearing a pair of doves above in the trees lining the park.  Worth a pause before I step inside, obviously.

#153: Eurasian collared dove
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So, no hike for Rachael today and no bike ride for me.  I do feel like I can risk another short walk about like yesterday’s though, and after resting for a couple of hours I head east of town toward that windmill we see from our window.  I’d like a closer look at the mill, but I’d also like to get a different perspective on the town itself.  I come up with a short walk of maybe a mile and a half that will take me to the summit of a small wooded hill just east to the east.  I might get some views, I might find some birds in the woods.

When I leave, Rachael reminds me to keep track of the time.  There are few places open to eat nearby on Monday, and the plan is to go downstairs to Bar Triquet, a pizzeria/sandwich shop just this side of the bakery.  They close for the day at 2:30, and I don’t want to be late.  Rachael hates eating alone, but isn’t above that if it comes to that.

It doesn’t take long until I’ve crossed the tracks and a highway and approach the windmill.  It’s in such well preserved condition that I’m not surprised to see that it’s the site of an upper class restaurant, el Moli d’en Pau.  Shortly before I reach it I see another pair of windmills off the road to the north, and decide I’ll try to get a better view of them later.

If we were here longer we might consider walking over for a meal someday. I imagine it’s got some character inside.
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The walk I’d envisioned doesn’t pan out though.  The road to the top of that hill turns out to be private and gated, so that’s a disappointing no go.  Instead I keep walking east on the road I’m on to get higher up and gain a better perspective on town, but I soon give it up.  It isn’t really a good or comfortable walking road, with no shoulder and just enough traffic to be a concern.  And, it’s frustrating that the views to the south across a sheep-strewn meadow are blocked by a tall limestone wall.  Foop.

Not the best walking road, even though it looks quiet enough here. I continued just far enough to get a view above the wall back at the sheep and town. Probably far enough to be walking today anyway - I don’t want to overdo it.
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Karen PoretNice perspective of the windmill in the opposite direction from afar ;)
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2 months ago

So I just turn back.  On the way though there are a pair of short lanes on either side that are worth a quick exploration and turn up a few surprises and delights.  It’s enough to convince me that this would be rewarding country to walk in, if I can just land on the right route.  

A side view of that windmill, with the Tramuntana behind.
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Nice to get a better perspective on Sineu.
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It’s appealing that the town is so well contained. You don’t have to go far at all to be out in the countryside.
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And one more.
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#154: western cattle egret
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Oh, right - those other two mills I mentioned.
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I make it back for lunch in plenty of time - in fact, with enough margin for me to rest up for about an hour first.  When we go out, we find that Bar Triquet is a satisfying choice.  We like the staff, who are friendly, speak excellent English, and patiently describe what’s on the menu and viewable in the display case.  We opt for a simple meal, splitting a mixed salad and pa amb oli, one of Mallorca’s traditional meals that consists of a slab of brown bread with olive oil topped with a variety of options.  I have salami and tomato, which was good enough; but next time I think I’d try the chicken and cheese that Rachael has.

It’s a filling meal.  Just right for me but a bit too much for Rachael, who pockets half of hers for later so she’ll have room for a generous slice of almond cake.  Afterwards we head back to the room, with Rachael heading straight up while I stay out awhile longer to sit on the wall by the park and enjoy the sun for a few more minutes before it goes under the clouds.

On the way back I stop for a better shot of the monument to Francisco Alomar, the town’s famous cyclist. He won several stages of the TdF and other premier races before his career was tragically cut short.
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Scott FenwickOur stay in Alaró was a highlight for us on Mallorca - hope it is for you too!
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2 months ago
Scott AndersonTo Scott FenwickIt looks like a beautiful place to hang out alright. What a terrific setting it’s in! Now if our health will continue to improve enough for us to make the most of it.
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2 months ago