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May 17, 2024

iPad issues

An update.  Like many problems in life, it helps to sleep on it.  The problem self-corrected in my sleep, disappearing just as mysteriously as it appeared.  Bizarre, but a relief.

I just posted this forum entry about a fairly urgent technical problem that’s come up with my iPad.  I know there are a lot of tech-savvy folks out there but not everyone routinely keeps current on the Forum, so I’ll post it here also in case anyone has a thought to share.  And now I’ll do my best to forget about it for now and get back to trying to catch up on the blog.  After wasting most of the afternoon on this I’m out of ideas and am ready to move on to something else.

I’ve got a technical issue with my iPad, and am looking for ideas.  Starting this afternoon, I am unable to access MSN from my iPad.  It’s not account specific - I can’t access any aspect of MSN - even their help center.  It’s an issue primarily because all of our documents are stored on Onedrive, so I can’t retrieve or save them.

As near as I can tell, it’s specific to my iPad.  Rachael can still access MSN through her iPad, and each of us can access it through our Android cellphones.  And it doesn’t appear to be a software version issue, because both Rachael’s and my iPads are on the latest release and have the same settings.  So our documents are still accessible fortunately, but not directly by me - she or I can access them through one of the other devices and mail it to me so I can store a copy, but that’s obviously awkward and won’t hold up well over time.

I’ve tried the obvious remedies and everything I’ve read as a suggestion.  I’ve rebooted the iPad several times, uninstalled and reinstalled Onedrive, removed my email account, deleted much browsing history.  Nothing works.  Any attempt to access MSN - directly through Either Safari or Chrome, or to sign in to my account through one of the MSN apps on the device - has the same result - the app hangs, and eventually times out with the error “The network request timed out. Please try again. [2602]”

Any ideas?  The only other thing I can think of is to perform a factory reset on the iPad, which I’d of course only do as a last resort.

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Annette SchneiderWhich websites have permissions on my Mac? is the question. (I think, but I'm no computer guru.). I realize you're on an iPad, however, I'm sure you can find your way to Settings.

But the instructions go... "click Settings then click Websites, and you should see a list of websites that currently have permissions.".

If I'm correct, I'm going right out to buy a lottery ticket.

I use a MacBook, not an iPad and I browse in Safari.
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1 month ago
Scott AndersonThanks for the suggestion, Annette. I don’t remember ever looking at permissions before, but it’s not that. So maybe don’t buy that lottery ticket just yet.

However, blessedly it’s a moot point. Just as mysteriously as the symptom appeared yesterday, it’s gone today. Like many problems, this one went away with a good nights sleep. A complete mystery.
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1 month ago
Annette SchneiderHi Scott... good news! Thanks for the reply. Always enjoy yours and Rachael's blogs.
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1 month ago